Denim Boiler Suit

black 2.JPG


One way to jazz- up a basic would be the use of accessories. Stacked rings, dainty necklaces, and bold earrings can really wake up an outfit. You will probably see a lot of various build ups on my site but for this one I chose a plain black denim jumpsuit and it kept getting better from there. These were the results.

black 1.JPG
black 5.JPG

This outfit makes me think of Kill Bill Vol. 1( for those that have seen it and if you haven't you need to, at least once). There was a part where Uma Thurman and Vivica  Fox were talking about when Vivica was going to die (cynical, I know) then Vivica suggests a knife fight were they wear all black. This is the spiced up version of what I would have imagined wearing to that. 

black 4.JPG