Restyling: Boxy Denim Shirt


A La Mode roughly translates to stylish or on trend and how on trend is this outfit?? Like EVERYTHING about it hits the trends that I love. However, since I didn't have a denim shirt that was designed to be worn off the shoulders I just used my regularly fitted denim shirt to achieve the look (cheers to resourcefulness) . Honestly, I was surprised at how compliant my shirt was to this whole process......cheers for easy to maneuver shirts.....HIP HIP HIIIIIIIIPPPPP, HOOOORRRAAAAAAAYYY!! *naija accent*.

Side note: These popper pants that open mid-leg were a DREAM. The fabric and movement of the pants made me feel like I was wearing some super chic sweatpants. I kid you not I can LIVE IN THESE PANTS. ALL DAY EVERYDAY. 

““I can LIVE in these pants.””