Valentine's Day est. 2018

Confession: I love online shopping.

It's just easier and has more variety than going into the store. The only drawback? Shipping. Sure you can express ship items but that isn't always beneficial for your wallet or you and not all online stores have the "express shipping" option at checkout. 

Picture This: It's 5 days till Valentine's Day and your direct deposit JUST hit your account but the clothes you want are ALL ONLINE. Since the store you want to get your clothes from doesn't offer express shipping you have to rush to the mall to get something either similar or come up with a entirely new outfit on the spot (insert face palming emoji here). So what do you do? Where do you get inspiration or your clothes from? I got you!

Below I included 3 valentine's looks Dinma-style. Majority of these items I got in the store already (with a few online pieces). Hope you get some inspiration and ideas!

Look 1: The Morning

Chelsea Grid (Website).jpg

Look 2: Brunch Time

Chelsea Grid 2 (Website).jpg

Look 3: The Night

Chelsea Grid 3 (website).jpg

Disclaimer: The sweater dress pictured above was sold out on the site but I linked a sweater dress that would work just as well below.